“Research And Development 002” NEW ALBUM OUT !!


We are pleased to release the second episode of our collection, Research And Development, featuring works derived from our compositions for cinema and fashion. This new volume continues our journey of humble exploration and sound research, blending acoustic and electronic elements. Whether it’s purely acoustic, entirely electronic, or a hybrid mix, each track reflects our passion for playing and having fun with our various influences.

R&D 002 explores our influences further, merging electronic sounds with Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Krautrock, and intricate string arrangements. These tracks represent our desire to experiment with different musical styles.

The artwork for the R&D series is inspired by “Power, Corruption & Lies,” which has always fascinated us. We aimed to create still life artworks that have a kind of transgenic quality, representing a mutation. This illustrates our desire to take one step back towards classicism and two steps forward towards modernity.

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Artwork: Valentine CX 



We love journeys that are winding, filled with research, beautiful mistakes, and curiosity. It is in this spirit of humble exploration that we are excited to share “Research And Development“, a collection that emerges from our work as composers for film, series, and fashion. These tracks represent our ongoing quest for creativity and our effort to blur the lines between musical genres.
As many of you know, we have always admired the versatility of artists like Bowie, Nick Cave, Tindersticks, Carpenter, Moroder, Cliff Martinez, Philip Glass, Pink Floyd, and Brian Eno. From the newer generation, we hold deep respect for the versatility shown by talents such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, and Minor Victories. These artists, who never make the same record twice, inspire us deeply.
In today’s world, where questions about genre and identity are ever-present, we have always believed in the idea that musical genres shouldn’t exist and that they should be broken. We are part of a generation that deftly combines acoustic and electronic elements, and it is this blend that we love to craft. We approach this with great humility and deep respect for the artists who have influenced us.
R&D001 is a collection we’ve crafted with meticulous care and deep passion. It showcases our love for versatility and the influences we haven’t been able to fully explore in our songs as The Penelopes. These tracks, often heard in cinematic contexts and previously unreleased, are now part of this collection that we are eager to share with you.
We hope you enjoy this musical journey as much as we enjoyed creating it. We are really happy to present this to you.
Artwork: Valentine CX 


The Penelopes and Isabelle Adjani premier new music video for latest single, The Last Goodbye, in their metaverse


🎬 Invitation à la projection privée virtuelle du clip « The Last Goodbye » de The Penelopes et Isabelle Adjani en avant-première dans leur metavers 🎼

🌐 The Penelopes et Isabelle Adjani vous convient à découvrir leur clip en avant-première le 20 octobre dans leur metavers, installés « depuis chez vous » dans leur salon, leur studio, dans leur bar ou dans leur théâtre virtuel 🥂🎸

👉🏻 Pour participer, envoyez un RSVP à meta@thepenelopes.com et téléchargez préalablement l’application Bigscreen VR ✔️

✨ Le nombre de places étant limité, les participants sélectionnés recevront le lien de connexion le 20 octobre, précisant le lieu et l´heure de leur séance (entre 20:00 et 21:00 heure française). See you there! 💙


 🌐 The Penelopes and Isabelle Adjani invite you to discover their new music video premiering in their metaverse on October 20. Immerse yourself in their living room, studio, bar or virtual theater and enjoy the new sounds 🥂🎸

👉🏻 RSVP to meta@thepenelopes.com and download the Bigscreen VR app to be ready. Places are limited so register for your seat today 🦹

✨ Attendees will receive their connection link on October 20, with the place and time of their session (between 7pm and 8pm UK time). See you there! 💙