“Research And Development 002” NEW ALBUM OUT !!


We are pleased to release the second episode of our collection, Research And Development, featuring works derived from our compositions for cinema and fashion. This new volume continues our journey of humble exploration and sound research, blending acoustic and electronic elements. Whether it’s purely acoustic, entirely electronic, or a hybrid mix, each track reflects our passion for playing and having fun with our various influences.

R&D 002 explores our influences further, merging electronic sounds with Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Krautrock, and intricate string arrangements. These tracks represent our desire to experiment with different musical styles.

The artwork for the R&D series is inspired by “Power, Corruption & Lies,” which has always fascinated us. We aimed to create still life artworks that have a kind of transgenic quality, representing a mutation. This illustrates our desire to take one step back towards classicism and two steps forward towards modernity.

Listen to Research And Development 002

Artwork: Valentine CX