‘Atomic Spot’ movie to be premiered March 27

Last month, we wrote two songs for “Atomic Spot“, a french short film directed by Stéphanie Cabdevila and written by Charlotte Sanson. Wanna have a listen, wanna watch the movie? It will be screened on 27th March at Max Linder Panorama, in Paris !!

Atomic Spot, directed by Stéphanie Cabdevila and written by Charlotte Sanson, production: Metronomic, Capricci, Canal+.


Premiere: Tuesday 27th March – 7pm (An RSVP is required)
Max Linder Panorama
24 Boulevard Poissonière 75009 Paris

Atomic Spot Directed by Stephanie Cabdevila Charlotte Sanson Still

Synopsis & Teaser

Left for dead after the A307 plane crash on their nuclear plant, the workers of Octeville-sur-Mer went through a series of mutations. They formed a small amphibious community among the radioactive ruins. But they failed to reproduce their species. Last survivor, Cotis is crushed by loneliness. Until a crew of dumb surfers lands on the beach.