The Penelopes at Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival

The Penelopes has been chosen by Meltdown curator, Robert Smith, to rock out on Sunday 17, for a very special line up which will take place at the Southbank Centre in London.

The Penelopes x Robert Smith The Cure Meltdown Festival Official Poster

Robert Smith curates the UK’s longest-running artist-curated music festival in its 25th year. Meltdown is one of the UK’s most anticipated music events each year, in which an iconic artist selects their own personal festival, revealing their interests and influences. Robert Smith follows in the footsteps of such legendary curators as Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Yoko Ono, Massive Attack, Ornette Coleman and 2017’s M.I.A.

To be asked to play at the Meltdown Festival by Robert Smith himself was personally a huge honour for both Axel Basquiat and Vincent T. of The Penelopes who are a huge fans of The Cure, who they see as « a major influence towards their music career ».

The Penelopes Live / Sunday Surprises Part 1
Part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival
Southbank Centre / Royal Festival Hall Riverside Terrace, Level 2, outside Royal Festival Hall
17 June 2018 –  5pm
Pricing : Free

More Infos !!

‘Saranac Lake’ movie (Côté Court Festival)

Saranac Lake“, directed by Maxence Vassilyevitch  and scored by The Penelopes is part of the official competition of the Pantin Côté Court film festival !! This luminous movie is competing for Best Movie and Best Original Music Score.

Saranac Lake Directed by Maxence Vassilyevitch Soundtrack by The Penelopes


Saranac Lake is a sanitorium where five people are being treated for a strange illness: they no longer feel any emotion. As they cough up blood, the only cure to save them from death is to succeed in writing a love letter.

‘Atomic Spot’ movie to be premiered March 27

Last month, we wrote two songs for “Atomic Spot“, a french short film directed by Stéphanie Cabdevila and written by Charlotte Sanson. Wanna have a listen, wanna watch the movie? It will be screened on 27th March at Max Linder Panorama, in Paris !!

Atomic Spot, directed by Stéphanie Cabdevila and written by Charlotte Sanson, production: Metronomic, Capricci, Canal+.

Premiere: Tuesday 27th March – 7pm (An RSVP is required)
Max Linder Panorama
24 Boulevard Poissonière 75009 Paris

Atomic Spot Directed by Stephanie Cabdevila Charlotte Sanson Still

Synopsis & Teaser

Left for dead after the A307 plane crash on their nuclear plant, the workers of Octeville-sur-Mer went through a series of mutations. They formed a small amphibious community among the radioactive ruins. But they failed to reproduce their species. Last survivor, Cotis is crushed by loneliness. Until a crew of dumb surfers lands on the beach.


‘Puzzle’ movie to be premiered March 21

We are super proud to have composed the soundtrack of Olivier Pairoux‘ new film !! It’s called “Puzzle“, Philippe Katerine is the great badass, and it’s premiered tomorrow in Brussels (White Cinema Docks).

Puzzle, directed by Olivier Pairoux, in collaboration with Eusebio Larrea, production: Annabella Nezri/Kwassa Films.

Premiere: Wednesday 21st March 2018
White Cinema Docks
1, Boulevard Lambermont 1030 Bruxelles

Puzzle Film With Philippe Katerine Soundtrack by The Penelopes

‘Acide’ movie (Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival 2018)

Acide“, directed by Just Philippot  and scored by The Penelopes is part of the official selection of the Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival !!

Acide, directed by Just Philippot, production: La Petite Prod, Capricci, Canal+. Part of the “4 Histoires Fantastiques” Canal+ / So Film collection.

 Acide Directed by Just Philippot Soudntrack The Penelopes Still 1


A troubling cloud is taking shape somewhere out west. It’s now slowly moving inland, forcing population to run away. As the cloud keeps on moving forward inescapably, panic strikes. That cumulus is acid.

Trailer Canal+/So Film Collection (Music: “Acide” by The Penelopes)